About me


My name is Emily and I am a Registered Midwife, qualified in aromatherapy and Reflex Zone Therapy (RZT) for pregnancy, labour and birth.

I provide aromatherapy, RZT and teaching services in Chiswick (W4) and the surrounding areas. When I'm not at work, I can most likely be found out and about having adventures with my 3 year old son and our dog! I can also be found teaching with The Happy Birth Club as part of their antenatal classes.


The importance of relaxation and self-care during pregnancy cannot be underestimated, whether this be your first or fourth baby. Relaxation during pregnancy is key for releasing the "love hormone" oxytocin into the bloodstream.

Oxytocin is key for contractions and breastfeeding, but during pregnancy helps you to bond with your baby, prepare for motherhood and helps provide a great environment for your baby's developing brain.

Oxytocin production is inhibited by stress hormones like cortisol, so an effective way to help boost your oxytocin levels is to take the time for yourself and prioritise mindfulness, self-care and relaxation. 

We all know how difficult it can be to schedule in time for ourselves and this gets even more difficult during pregnancy with challenges like working, taking care of your older children or feeling tired and preferring to stay close to the comforts of home. This is where at-home treatments could be invaluable for you.

Why not book yourself in for a restorative Reflex Zone treatment or perhaps purchase some pre-blended aromatherapy oils for use at home (or on the go)? I could also come to speak to you and your birth partner(s) at a convenient location about how to use these tools during your labour and birth.

Take a look at the treatments page to see what is on offer.