What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a science and an art in which highly concentrated essentials oils extracted from the various parts of different plants are used for their therapeutic properties (Tiran, 2009)

The use of aromatherapy can aid relaxation, uplift and energise and help to ease swollen feet/carpal tunnel and general aches and pains. It can even be used to try and ease you into labour if you past your "due date" and throughout labour itself.

What is Reflex Zone Therapy?

I offer Reflex Zone Therapy (RZT), which is a specific type of clinical reflexology. RZT uses an approach in which the physio-pathological changes within the body are reflexed in one or more areas of the feet. RZT aims to facilitate recognition of disordered foot zones and to relive any symptoms of physio-pathological conditions. This can be achieved partly through relaxation, which is a component of all types of reflexology and partly by working on relevant points of the foot, using manual compression techniques according to the needs of the client (Tiran, 2009). Just like aromatherapy, it can be used in readiness for labour and to try to soothe aches and pains of pregnancy.